The Leader’s Dilemma – Information Vacuum

LEADERS, MANAGERS AND EXECUTIVES in the top tier frequently encounter what Harvard Professor Daniel Goleman (whose coined the term Emotional Intelligence) refers to as 'the CEO disease’ – an information vacuum that surrounds a leader when people withhold important (usually unpleasant) feedback. Consequently many senior people typically get the least reliable (and often inconsistent) information on how they are performing and how to improve. Moreover, even their boss (a Chairmen or CEO) however well meaning, may have a biased view, or be consumed by another agenda.

If practical results and critical outcomes are to be achieved, then addressing this vacuum must rely on clear communication, honesty and timeliness -- best attained through an experienced and knowledgeable third party. Both for the team and for individuals! To this end our processes both overcome inherent pitfalls, and enable organisations to collect, filter and deliver meaningful, confidential feedback to senior executives on a range of leadership behaviours and proven solutions. Contact us for further information (wayne@the