Executive Evaluation and Appraisal

Recruiting a $200,000 executive who fails after 6 months will cost infinitely more than $100,000 wasted salary. Add back expenses, your own time, missed opportunities, lost momentum, the effect on the morale of your team, disappointed clients, and the true cost is a very substantial six-figure loss. Candidates (internal and outsiders) who shine at one level often fade when promoted – in fact the upward pressures of business generally ensure people keep getting promoted until they do fail. Failure at this level, can be even more traumatic for the individual.
A confidential ‘whole-person’ appraisal– prior to appointment – addresses key issues around the successful appointment of executives and is captured in a succinct 12-page report.

The report includes: biographical background, hidden agendas, underlying motivations; interpersonal relationships, team building skills; leadership capability; intellectual capacity, commonsense judgment, work behaviours, ability to work under pressure, and emotional maturity.
Feedback may also be provided to candidates in a confidential one-to-one debriefing.