What is Career Coaching?

There are many reasons to contemplate working with a professional Career Coach – not least because they have up-to-date knowledge of the market, current trends, intelligence and they work full time in precisely this field.

It is difficult to get the very best advice just from a book, no matter how well written. And even if you have time to research the web it is never 100% up-to-date. Successful career management programs must respond to individual needs and the occasion. While flexible a typical program will include:
– A series of one-on-one meetings with your Coach which, amongst other things, helps you identify specific objectives and understand your underlying motivations (and what works best for you) and works to remove blocks and inhibitors
– Relevant exercises, questionnaires, and practical tasks to complete and discuss at the coaching sessions
– Practical help with resume preparation, interviewing, accelerating job searches, salary negotiation, managing your on-line presence, et al, to whatever depth required and suitable to your circumstances
– Regular follow-up to review actions and initiatives, build confidence, heighten self-awareness and create lasting strategies to enhance your career

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