Use Career Management for:

Career Management enables individual managers, leaders and executives to source confidential and reliable advice about career, personal development, and specific know-how and actions required to advance in (and out of) a corporate setting. In particular managing your career will enable you to:
Step 1: Gain a deep understanding of your capacity, skills, and experience (both strengths and limitations) and the know-how to exploit these.
Step 2: Set out to acquire greater satisfaction and fulfillment at work – not just doing the job – by building a clear, focused and realistic plan and strategies to deal with unexpected change.
Step 3: Develop an attractive, persuasive ‘sales’ pitch to your boss or other prospective employers (and other divisions), which includes learning how to create opportunities, network and market yourself more effectively.
Step 4: Take control of your professional and personal life (by finding the right balance and mix) and overcoming ‘stalled career syndrome’, lack of motivation, staleness, routine or boredom.